Week 2 – Celebration of Discipline: Meditation

The first of the disciplines we will dive into is one that I, and perhaps some of you, might be one with which we’re not that familiar.  When I was growing up, if I heard the word “meditation,” I thought of eastern religions and of clearing the mind so that some elusive and mysterious “consciousness” could enter the mind.  Obviously, this wasn’t something in which I took a huge interest.

Foster is careful to explain that Christian meditation (Biblical meditation) is not clearing the mind so that we may become one with the universe.  Instead, it’s making room for the things of Christ to fill our minds.

Let’s take this week to read this chapter, but let’s not stop there.  Try it out.  As you read, pray, and meditate this week, comment on these questions below and let’s share what we learn.

(From the “Study Guide for ‘Celebration of Discipline'”)

1) What are some of your first reactions to the idea of meditation?  What is your background experience in this area?

2) What is the basic difference between eastern meditation and Christian meditation?

3) What things make your life crowded?  Do you think you have a desire to hear the Lord’s voice in the midst of all the clutter?

4) Experience the following words of Frederick W Faber for fifteen minutes.  Record what you learn from the experience.

     Only to sit and think of God,
       Oh what a joy it is!
     To think the thought, to breathe the Name
       Earth has no higher bliss.
5) Do “palms down, palms up” today.  Note anything you learn about yourself.
Daily Scripture Readings:
Sunday: The glory of meditation / Exodus 24:15-18
Monday: The friendship of meditation / Exodus 33:11
Tuesday: The terror of meditation / Exodus 20:18-19
Wednesday: The object of meditation / Psalm 1:1-3
Thursday: The comfort of meditation / 1 Kings 19:9-18
Friday: The insights of meditation / Acts 10:9-20
Saturday: The ecstasy of meditation / 2 Corinthians 12:1-4
Talk to you soon!  -Josh